The Glisten Girls

We are the Glisten Girls

Our story
We consider ourselves “sistas by choice” and have been since high school, which was 10+ years ago now.  Fast forward through college, we went to totally different schools, but coincidentally joined the same sorority, AXO. All in all, we are best friends. We are complete opposites in many ways, but together we share similar passions for seeking health and happiness from the inside out – aka “glistening”.

We started Shut Up & Glisten (SU&G) in mid-2014. Fresh out of college, we were hungry to start an adventure together. At the time, we focused on all things food. Specifically foods that supported living an allergen free life, by eliminating the things that Sam couldn’t eat or Breah didn’t want to eat. Taking a step back, a couple years later, we have realized that we too have evolved. Today, instead of seeking a very limited lifestyle, we challenge  ourselves to love and explore all things that add to the goodness of life –  laughs, friendships, sweat, wellness, AND food.

We certainly don’t have everything figured out, but we do know that the best way to find out is to glisten – by listening to our bodies, we believe, is the start to allow our passions to fuel life.

Meet Bee & Sam

Bee loves…
– Pushing it “all out” at OrangeTheory Fitness classes and maintaining a simple yoga practice
– Extra frothy coconut milk lattes, sometimes matcha & avocado anything
– Spending time planting flowers in her “mini garden” (condo life in SoCal)
– Exploring new ways to express her creativity – through food, writing, & more!
– Challenging herself to slow down to enjoy and love the simple things

Sam loves…
– Long walks with the newest addition, Norah, her Aussie puppy
– Promoting women’s health and helping mama’s to be (as a birth doula)
– Any reason to throw a dinner party for friends… cooking, chatting, drinking wine
– Being a life-long learner and to keep an open mind and open to new possibilities
– Traveling to new places and experiencing the beauty of different cultures

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