The Glisten Girls

We are a best-friends blogging duo inspired by living healthfully and embracing the best out of life. Shut Up & Glisten is a reflection of our friendship, what we care about, and a way to connect with others that feel the same way. 

About the Glisten Girls

Hi, I’m Samantha!
I’m a busy work-from-home mama to my daughter, Olivia, and my fur baby, Norah. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Matt. I have a B.S. in Applied Nutrition and I’m also a trained Birth Doula and certified Lactation Educator. I’ve mainly worked with women in the areas of disordered eating and maternal nutrition. In my limited free time, you can find me at the farmer’s market, on a family hike or in my kitchen cooking a new recipe. Like most people, I’m just trying to figure out life, one day at a time. Some days are beautiful and Pinterest-worthy but most are just beautifully chaotic.

Hi, I’m Breah!
I am a working woman, a “newlywed” wife, and a future puppy-mama. I have degrees in business and public health, thus my career is in healthcare. Meanwhile, I try to live my life well-fully balanced – a true mix of avocados, french fries, burpees, and bubbly. I am passionate about fitness and enjoy running with my husband, Josh. I also enjoy baking pretty cakes, being outside in the sunshine, and sipping on lattes at my local coffee shop. I try to prioritize wellness to seek life that’s abundantly filled with love, from the inside-out.

The Shut Up & GlisteN Story

We consider ourselves “sisters by choice” and have been since the 9th grade. Fast forward through college, we went to schools on different ends of California, but coincidentally joined the same sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. In many ways, we are complete opposites, but together we share similar passions for seeking health and happiness from the inside-out – aka “glistening”.

We started Shut Up & Glisten (SU&G) in mid-2014. Fresh out of college, we were hungry to start an adventure together. At the time, we focused on all things food. Specifically foods that supported living an allergen-free life, by eliminating the things that Sam couldn’t eat or Breah didn’t want to eat. After all this time, we have realized that we too have evolved. Today, instead of seeking a very limited lifestyle, we challenge ourselves to love and explore all things that add to the goodness of life –  laughs, friendships, sweat, wellness, AND food.

We certainly don’t have everything figured out, but we do strive to the best versions of ourselves by listening to our bodies, working towards goals, and following our hearts. We invite you to SHUT UP the voices that stop you from becoming the best version of yourself and GLISTEN with us! <3

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