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Hi there! Thanks for checking out Shut Up & Glisten!

We are super excited to get back on the blogging train after a bit of a hiatus. We are re-launching a new look & feel, as we too have a new perspective.

In the past, Shut Up & Glisten Blog was focused on foods of all sorts – primarily everything allergen-free. Since Sam has Celiac Disease, as well as additional allergies, we focused on making recipes that showed how living allergy-free could be enjoyable and healthy. This was a really fun adventure, but we want to do something new and a little different.

In the time between our last post and now, a lot has changed. We have matured and so has our outlook on life. We have decided that we want to do a better job of representing what it means to GLISTEN. Glistening is so much more than just eating healthy. It’s about self-confidence, friendship, taking chances, standing up for yourself, personal growth and so much more. That’s why we plan to go beyond the food scene, to incorporate other things that are important to us – health, beauty, wellness, travel, etc. in addition to our love for healthy foods. We will still be sharing our yummy foodie creations. However, we plan to bring you a more well-rounded approach to wellness, from our perspective. We will experiment and share our life experiences and share our favorite products. We will share some tips and tricks that have worked for us, and some daily thoughts and happenings in our lives in hopes that you too will be able to relate and share your thoughts too.

Join us on our adventures as we seek health and wellness from the inside out, or what we consider glistening. Subscribe to our blog to get our first post in your email box next week!

In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and come back soon. We look forward sharing laughs, loves, and more … cheers!

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GF Glisten Girl Goes to Italy: Hunting Chestnuts


20151018_152020 copy
One of the best aspects of living abroad is getting to experience new foods. A couple weekends ago, my host mom’s cousins, Evano and Gabri, invited us to go chestnut hunting. So, we loaded up the car and drove to a forest in Northern Italy.

It was a rainy day which made chestnut hunting seem even more adventurous! Having never seen a wild chestnut before, I was surprised by the appearance. I had no idea they grew in spiny burrs. I could have mistaken them for sea urchins! Everyone told me that we were very lucky because we found so many; everywhere we looked, we saw chestnuts!  Another interesting thing about chestnuts is that they are only ripe when then fall to the ground. So, instead of picking them off the tree, you have to search through leaves and look near rocks to find them.

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GF Glisten Girl Goes to Italy (Post # 3): Cooking Lesson with Papa


Papa is my host mom’s father. The children call him Nonno (grandpa) but he introduced himself to me as Papa so that’s what I call him. He is a kind man and a wonderful cook. He takes care of me and always makes sure I am well fed. Since the children are skiing in the Alps this week, I won’t go to Nonna’s house for lunch as usual. So, he came over to teach me how to make the most delicious pasta sauce. Whenever I try to make marinara at home, it never seems to taste very flavorful; so, I was eager to learn from Papa.

IMG_3730I was surprised to see that we were using only a few ingredients: olive oil, shallot, sage, rosemary, and tomato sauce. Papa minced half of the shallot and added it to a saute pan with heated olive oil. Then, he went out to his garden and picked sage and rosemary. When the shallot was transparent, he threw the herbs into the pan. Next, he added some of the tomato sauce which he said he prepared during the summer when all of his tomatoes were ripe. Yes, even his tomato sauce was homemade from tomatoes that he grew himself!

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