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Meet our Glisten Mamas


What better way to celebrate the month of Moms, than by loving on them a little extra? Whether you are lucky enough to live near by them or not, they are always close at heart and only a phone call or Facetime away. 

To give you a little Mom-ivation we’re featuring our favorite mamas and sharing what we think make ours the MOST special. Especially in times when physical contact is currently frowned upon, Mamas out there need a little extra love, so hopefully this will inspire you to get out there to do the same – spread the Mama-love far and wide!

Here’s some ideas on what you can do to share some love for one’s you love:

  • Send them a funny meme that makes you smile that you find on social media
  • Pickup a card next time you’re at the store (or use some stationery you find around the house) and send them a note snail-mail style
  • Randomly FaceTime them… they maybe surprised, but in the best way
  • Make one of their recipes and text them a photo of your creation (good or bad… Nailed it!)
  • Email them a photo of the last time you were together and mention how much it meant to you

Breah’s Mama – Leslie

Tell us a little bit about you growing up.
I am one of four girls that grew up in a rural area on Vancouver Island. We lived on a beautiful hobby farm. We were self-sufficient growing most of our fruits and vegetables and had lots of animals (sheep, a goat, chickens, ducks, horses, a pony, dogs, cats and lots of other small critters) that we tended to. It was a lot of fun, responsibility and, of course, a lot of work. My parents were talented in all they touched – from gardening, designing structures, animal enclosures, fences, building a dock, maintaining the pump house for the well, sewing, knitting, cooking, canning, baking and sharing all they could with the limited time they had with the four of us. Lots of life’s lessons from watching a foal being born or the baby chicks and puppies enter the world…we all learned to be independent, strong and to be hard workers. We all grew up to love animals, enjoy nature and have a passion for traveling the world.

What is one thing you wished you learned 27 years ago, before Breah was born?
Firstly how important family is and secondly that life continues to accelerate. Love bubbles really do happen. Breah was a huge one that continues to grow and even had one when Abbee (our 14-year old Silky Terrier) joined us.

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Happy Cinco de Guac-o Everyday


What do I love more than margaritas or perfectly crispy tortilla chips on Cinco de Mayo? My true best friend, the Guac-o. I feel like it is just part of the holiday to celebrate all the things you can possibly eat with avocados. And to me, it’s pretty much infinite.

My husband jokes that I could live on avocados alone. (Maybe he’s not actually joking!) He also jokes that he won my heart over guacamole, and he’s probably right about that too. He ordered it on our first date, and he definitely got some points for that. Slick move Josh.

What is the secret to the best guacamole? Just keep it simple to make those guaco-cados shine!

Next time you don’t want to spend $8 on a small tub of guac from Whole Foods (don’t doubt that I don’t buy it sometimes on a pinch– instant guac-isfaction), but you can easily make double the guac-love yourself, in a couple minutes, with only a few ingredients!

Everyone probably does it differently, but I keep my guac pretty #basic:

  • Avocados (dice and mush, but keep it a little chunky)
  • Dash of salt
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Tablespoon or two of your favorite salsa
  • Splash or two of hot sauce (Cholula is one of my favs)
  • If you’re feeling a little fancy you can…
    • Add a sprinkle of finely chopped cilantro (some leaves double as a great garnish too)
    • Top it off with some Cojita cheese (if you can tolerate dairy)

Now onto the “Cinco” part:

I think of all the ways avocados show up into my life on pretty much a daily basis… on toast, as bagel spread, in my sandwich/wrap, with tortilla chips, as a salad topper, on top of poke, in sushi, in tacos and burritos (and bowls), over eggs, on top of burgers, plain ol’ fried, or as a veggie dip. And the not so obvious… why not add avocados to smoothies, chocolate pudding or mousse, and brownies? You name it; I’ve probably done it.

But here’s CINCO of my favorite ways…

1. As a dipper – Plain and simple, with some good tortilla chips. It’s one of my comfort foods. You usually have to take it away from me.

Some of my favorite tortilla chip pairings: Siete Foods (Lime), Cabo Chips (Thin & Crispy), Have’a Chips

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Featured / Glistener of the Month

Meet Sierra – Glisten Girl of the Month


I first met Sierra when she was touring our sorority house (Alpha Chi Omega) at USC. At the time she was Nebraska-born Architecture student that was just diving into the southern California lifestyle of football games, margaritas, and Sunday fundays living in Los Angeles. 

Sierra has always impressed me by her go-getter personality. All throughout college, she had her own craft Etsy business, making a variety of lanyards, key chains, and vinyl stickers. She could use photoshop like a pro, take GREAT photos, and build a website. 

Sierra and I quickly became friends (maybe at first because I had a car and could drive her to Hobby Lobby on weekends), but it didn’t take long to see we had a pretty easy connection. She often came home to Laguna Beach with me to hang out with my parents and escape life in LA. We road-tripped up to SLO and down to San Diego over spring break. She appreciates a good cup of coffee and the fresh air on a hike with an ocean view. Even though she’s moved back to Nebraska since college, when we do see each other, we always have fun, laugh and just enjoy each others’ company.

Sierra always talked about having aspirations to flip houses inside and out. I never doubted that she would make that dream a reality one day and she did. And this is just the beginning. Woohoo!

First off – follow her house-flipping passion-project here: @sierradidthis

I’ve asked her a few questions about her experience to help inspire you to have the confidence to go after something you’d love to do and maybe learn a little about house-flipping in the process!

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