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Take time to stop and smell (and taste) the ROSÉ


#ROSEallday Why not, in our current state of quarantine and afternoon sunshine?

It’s important to find little pleasures when everyday feels like a Wednesday (or a Saturday, depending on how you look at it). I just picked the middle of the week, since 90% of my time is spent hammering away at my keyboard or on a phone (sometimes video) call – both for work and for fun (hello virtual happy hours!). In my opinion, finding moments to “disconnect” is just as important as “staying connected” in our current state of self-isolation. Plus, especially with temperatures warming up – we all need some fun activities to enjoy the summertime!

So, we stepped away and did a little blind-rosé taste testing. Check this out.. so you can try it too! You can definitely do this with any sort of wine – wines, pinks or reds! Put together a little cheese plate and voila – you’ve got yourself a fun time.  (PS. if you want some more “tasters” to join the fun, you could totally do this over Zoom or “socially distanced” with some friends or family, if you coordinate!)

First, we purchased 4 bottles of Rose wine from our local Bevmo. 

  • Bevmo’s to order to-go/pickup in advance is awesome (you can do it same-day!)
  • Ours ranged between $10-30 so we had a good range to try. (TIP: For rose, the mid-range is where it’s at – wouldn’t recommend more than $15 – we found they really aren’t worth it.

Then, we put CLEAN socks over them (or you could use brown paper bags, if you have them). We mixed them up and put numbers in front of each one.

We then started pouring, tasting, commenting about each one along the way.

If you’re replicating this, you could even use a little score-card (like this one!) for everyone to write down their thoughts throughout the process. You might end up a little wine-happy and sun-kissed.

Some easy wine tasting notes to consider:

  • Guess which bottle is which
  • Note what “flavors” you taste – florals, fruits, sweet or dry, etc.
  • Guess how much each one costs

Here’s our findings from the bunch that we chose: 

  • Price doesn’t mean quality. We actually really loved one of the least expensive ones the most (BOGO 5cents!) vs one that was double the price
  • We preferred wines that had a little bit of complexity – they didn’t taste watery or overly sweet
  • But everyone’s taste preference may differ – so our favs may not be your favs.. but that’s all part of the fun.

Our favs in order from most to least (and BEVMO prices):

  • Unruly rose – $13.95 (BOGO 5cents)
    • Light and dry, with flavors of light fruits and sunshine. Plus can’t beat the bang to your buck on this one.
  • Cote de Roses – $12.99 
    • It’s mild but flavorful – everything you’d want in a rose. It’s a no fail – we love it every time. 
    • Plus it is so similar to our name “Desrosiers” that it just seems to fit us well.
  • Lo-ca-Tour Rose – $14.95 (BOGO 5cents)
    • A bit bolder fruit-forward and a little more of a crisp/dry-finish.
  • Hampton Water – $24.95 (BOGO 5cents)
    • Very easy drinking and a bit watery. Not a lot of complexity to it… you could drink a few of these in the summer-sun, but is it worth it? Probably not.

Happy sipping! Let us know how your little wine tasting experiments turn out! Just make sure you do hydrate (with water) throughout the process!
XO Bee