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Meet our Glisten Mamas


What better way to celebrate the month of Moms, than by loving on them a little extra? Whether you are lucky enough to live near by them or not, they are always close at heart and only a phone call or Facetime away. 

To give you a little Mom-ivation we’re featuring our favorite mamas and sharing what we think make ours the MOST special. Especially in times when physical contact is currently frowned upon, Mamas out there need a little extra love, so hopefully this will inspire you to get out there to do the same – spread the Mama-love far and wide!

Here’s some ideas on what you can do to share some love for one’s you love:

  • Send them a funny meme that makes you smile that you find on social media
  • Pickup a card next time you’re at the store (or use some stationery you find around the house) and send them a note snail-mail style
  • Randomly FaceTime them… they maybe surprised, but in the best way
  • Make one of their recipes and text them a photo of your creation (good or bad… Nailed it!)
  • Email them a photo of the last time you were together and mention how much it meant to you

Breah’s Mama – Leslie

Tell us a little bit about you growing up.
I am one of four girls that grew up in a rural area on Vancouver Island. We lived on a beautiful hobby farm. We were self-sufficient growing most of our fruits and vegetables and had lots of animals (sheep, a goat, chickens, ducks, horses, a pony, dogs, cats and lots of other small critters) that we tended to. It was a lot of fun, responsibility and, of course, a lot of work. My parents were talented in all they touched – from gardening, designing structures, animal enclosures, fences, building a dock, maintaining the pump house for the well, sewing, knitting, cooking, canning, baking and sharing all they could with the limited time they had with the four of us. Lots of life’s lessons from watching a foal being born or the baby chicks and puppies enter the world…we all learned to be independent, strong and to be hard workers. We all grew up to love animals, enjoy nature and have a passion for traveling the world.

What is one thing you wished you learned 27 years ago, before Breah was born?
Firstly how important family is and secondly that life continues to accelerate. Love bubbles really do happen. Breah was a huge one that continues to grow and even had one when Abbee (our 14-year old Silky Terrier) joined us.

What do you enjoy most about being a mama?
What I enjoy most being a mama is watching my beautiful daughter bloom into such a loving, strong and thoughtful woman. I love hearing her laugh and watch her smile and seeing her happy with her wonderful partner Josh. 

Fitness mom-ivation – how do you keep active? (30 years ago vs. what do you do now)
I have always been a very active person. When I was young, I played grass hockey, ran long distance, and Highland danced. As an adult, I got really into aerobics (6-7 days) a week and biking. Have done a couple 50 mile bike races in Mexico and a half marathon in Istanbul, Turkey. I got into climbing and actually did some rock climbing in Joshua Tree. When Breah came along I did some rollerblading pushing her along on beautiful trails along the Boise river, did some Hash runs in China, joined a club tennis team, and then took up Bikram Yoga. Nowadays, I’m into gardening, yoga, long beach walks with girlfriends, and sailing. I am thinking about getting into dance again starting with Line Dancing and tap and just got a new bike!

Sam’s Mama – Carol

Tell us a little bit about you.
I grew up in Montana and was the youngest of five.  Two brothers and two sisters that were 8, 10, 12 and 14 years older than me.  I always said I actually had 3 mothers and 3 fathers.  When I was little we didn’t even lock our front door at night and I roamed the neighborhood playing for hours outside.  No play dates required.  Girls didn’t have organized sports,  but I loved to ice skate, make snowmen and looked forward to going to dance classes weekly.

What was your first thought when you found out you were having TWINS?
My first thought which I think I said out loud in the doctors office was “I’m going to be as big as a house!”  I was actually a bit in shock but excited and felt special to be carrying not one but two little lives and took this task very seriously. 

Now that Sam is a mama too… what’s your favorite thing about being a “GLAMMIE”?
I thought I’d enjoy being a grandma but you really don’t understand how special it is until you see your grandchild. It is pure joy and magical and I can’t wait to meet any future grandchildren which I hope there are many!

Wellness hack – what’s your go-to thing?
My go to thing is hiking.  Whether its in the desert or the mountains in Montana the outdoors rejuvenates me. 

Sam – the newest Mama

What do you enjoy most about being a mama?
Seeing Olivia grow and learn new things is just amazing! Seeing life through her eyes gives me so much joy. She inspires me to learn and grow alongside her. I want her to be proud that I’m her mama.

How are you celebrating your first Mother’s day?
I’m celebrating by celebrating my mom and mother-in-law (virtually) because when you have your own child you appreciate them even more! It’s also easier to find gifts for them when you have a baby because you can put your baby’s face on anything and the grandmas will love it! I’m also planning on spending the day with Olivia and Norah because I think that’s the purpose of mother’s day. Spend it with your babies and let them celebrate YOU. Maybe Matt will surprise me with a sweet gift and coffee in bed.

Now you’re on the other side of it, what are your top wellness tips for all those future mama’s to be out there?
My first tip is a mental wellness tip. Discover what you need to feel safe, supported, and calm. Knowing what you need to meet these needs will help you have a positive birth and postpartum experience. My second tip is to make sure you really rest and take it easy after you give birth. Even if you feel good, your body went through a huge transition and you need to heal. If you can rest in the early days, you will recover so much faster. I highly recommend reading “The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother” to learn more about preparing for your postpartum time.

Be honest, what is one thing you wish you knew prior to having Olivia?
I wish I knew that some babies refuse to sleep in their cribs. I had this idea that I would put Olivia down for a nap in her crib a couple times a day and then I’d have some free time. Turns out my baby only likes to sleep on top of me! I try to remind myself that this is just a phase — a very short phase. Someday, she won’t want to nap on me anymore and I won’t be able to kiss her sweet head while I sway back and forth whispering shushing sounds in her ear. When that day comes, I know I’ll miss it.

How many kiddos do you want? :)
I would love to have three but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Now get out there – go give your favorite Mama’s some love – whether that is your mama, your grandma, your best friend, your daughter, or auntie. Love them all to pieces, because they deserve it. In this crazy world, we can only control what is in our power.

Telling those that mean the most to you, how much you mean to them.. well that’s 100% up to you. Encourage them to do the same and start a chain reaction of Mama-love that could just be infinite, couldn’t it?

XO Bee & Sam

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