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Meet Sierra – Glisten Girl of the Month


I first met Sierra when she was touring our sorority house (Alpha Chi Omega) at USC. At the time she was Nebraska-born Architecture student that was just diving into the southern California lifestyle of football games, margaritas, and Sunday fundays living in Los Angeles. 

Sierra has always impressed me by her go-getter personality. All throughout college, she had her own craft Etsy business, making a variety of lanyards, key chains, and vinyl stickers. She could use photoshop like a pro, take GREAT photos, and build a website. 

Sierra and I quickly became friends (maybe at first because I had a car and could drive her to Hobby Lobby on weekends), but it didn’t take long to see we had a pretty easy connection. She often came home to Laguna Beach with me to hang out with my parents and escape life in LA. We road-tripped up to SLO and down to San Diego over spring break. She appreciates a good cup of coffee and the fresh air on a hike with an ocean view. Even though she’s moved back to Nebraska since college, when we do see each other, we always have fun, laugh and just enjoy each others’ company.

Sierra always talked about having aspirations to flip houses inside and out. I never doubted that she would make that dream a reality one day and she did. And this is just the beginning. Woohoo!

First off – follow her house-flipping passion-project here: @sierradidthis

I’ve asked her a few questions about her experience to help inspire you to have the confidence to go after something you’d love to do and maybe learn a little about house-flipping in the process!

What was the most challenging part of the first time home-buying process? My experience was definitely not a normal “home-buying experience”. I went from not thinking I was ready to buy a house to owning a run-down foreclosure in a matter of 4 days, with only seeing the house once. The most stressful part for me was having a lot of unknowns about the house, being a first time home owner and trying to figure out my budget and plan of attack for the renovation. If there was something I overlooked, it could have completely threw my numbers off, making it a bad investment for the price I paid.

What are you most proud of in the home renovation so-far? The fact that it is mine. It’s my house and I did most of the work in it. I could look at any spot in the house and proudly say “I did that!”. Renovating houses has always been my dream and I’ve finally made it come true.

What’s your one tip for others out there that want to dive into the house-remodel process? Know your purpose, your budget and your will power. It can be super exciting to remodel a house or even just a closet in a house. However – if you don’t have a purpose, the budget or the will power to get through it – it can turn into a hassle pretty quick. But you never know until you try, so don’t let the fear stop you!

Who inspires you and why? I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again – Kara Beckmann @beckmannhouse and Brittany Arnason @investorgirlbritt are my favorites in the industry. Kara has the best eye for design and Brittany is a go-getter with rehabbing.

What do you do to calm-down in moments when you’re stressed out? If I’m able to and the weather is nice, I like to get outside somehow. If I’m not and I have some time, I like to hop on Pinterest or Instagram and re-inspire myself with the things that get me excited.

What do you love about you? My creative eye – to appreciate small intentional details that most people don’t even notice.

What does “glisten” mean to you? Living your life for you – doing the things that bring you health and pure happiness.

What’s next for Sierra? Finishing up this house, the yard and jumping into the next house!

As you can see, she truly puts a lot of heart into everything she does. Hope she’s given you some inspiration to start your own passion-project. There’s no time like right now. What’s stopping you?
XO Bee & Sam

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  1. Great work Sierra. Love to see you when you next visit the beach… you look beautiful as ever and happy.
    Love to see that xo Leslie

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