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November 2018 – Glisteners of the Month – Our Hubbies! (AKA the Glisten Guys)


This one’s for the men that help make the magic happen in our lives. The ones that believe in our dreams and push us to be our very best selves. Their mission is our happiness and they support anything that contributes to it.

They are also the ones that give us cuddles when we are sick. They bring us chocolate when we need it most. They are the ones that give us great, big hugs that can dry up any tears. They will give up watching an important baseball or basketball game to spend time adventuring with us. They will always love us more than any “like” on our Instagram page.

This one’s for our Glisten Guys.

While we may be taking photos of foods we eat, coffees we drink, and creations we whip up in our kitchens, they are more than patient. Sometimes, they even do the photo taking themselves while we pose in front of the pretty sunset or cute café we found exploring a new area. They are sometimes our editors, our idea spinners, and our taste testers. They are just as part of this as we are.

So, here they are, our husbands – the Glisten Guys!

Meet Josh and Matt:

Josh is…

  • The biggest Yankees Baseball fan you will ever meet. For our wedding, I had a grooms cake made for him shaped as a Yankees baseball hat.

  • A true car fanatic – everything from old El Caminos to supped up Jeep Wranglers to super-fast Ferrarri’s. We go to “Cars & Coffee” almost every weekend and I hear “this is my next car” that changes weekly.

  • Fitness fan – he loves a good chest lifting workout and can do more pushups than I can ever imagine doing. He’s promised to be my running buddy since our first week dating (he’s still warming up to the idea of running half marathons with me). Recently, I’ve gotten him to sign up for a few OTF classes with me! I’m thinking… #MauiMarathon2020
  • A big foodie – He loves things like bacon, smoking meat on our little smoker in the backyard, craft beer and ice cream. But he is also always up for trying the “healthy” things I make and exploring new restaurants with me. We are still working on kale, but he won’t turn down some freshly roasted brussels sprouts!

What is something you’d like to see featured on SU&G? More information on how to’s on food, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle

What is your favorite foodie thing that Breah makes? Banana muffins

Why are you a #GlistenGuy? Because I like to workout and live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life at the same time.

Matt is…

  • The biggest Golden State Warriors Basketball fan you will ever meet. I never watched basketball before I met him. I mostly love watching him watch because he loves it so much!
  • An amazing guitar player– Matt can listen to a song and then play it which amazes me because I have exactly zero musical talents. In college, he won a radio contest for playing a Joe Satriani song. For our wedding, I had an ice sculpture made for him that included his love for the Warriors and his passion for playing guitar.

  • The smartest person I know. If he sets his mind to something, he achieves it. He’s currently teaching himself how to code. So, who knows, maybe there will be a Glisten Girl App in our future 😉 Oh, and he’s great at following directions which makes him my favorite IKEA furniture-building partner.
  • The best travel buddy. I love traveling with Matt because he researches for months before we go on vacation and he makes detailed spreadsheets so we never get lost and we’re always on time. I would be so lost with out him! And he’s even nice enough to be an “Instagram Husband” sometimes. But not all the time which is good because it keeps me in the moment.

  • A super-taster which means flavors are more pronounced for him than the average person. For this reason, he’s a bit of a picky eater. He’s still not a big veggie fan but he does eat a larger variety of foods since meeting me. He’s great for when I can’t pinpoint a flavor. He can usually tell me what is is in one taste!

What is something you’d like to see featured on SU&G? 
I’d like to see dinner party tutorials.

What is your favorite foodie thing that Sam makes? I like Sam’s chocolate avocado pudding and her risotto.

What is a healthy habit that you live by? I walk at least 4 miles a day and I drink lots of water.

Now that Josh & Matt are officially part of our Glistener community, hopefully they won’t be strangers. You may just see them as featured guests in future posts or Instagram stories. They are super good sports and we love them to pieces. Thank you Joshy & Matt, you two really are the very best! We hope to plan an adventure all together soon! <3