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May’s Glisten Girl of the Month



It’s our pleasure to introduce May’s Glisten Girl of the Month, Miss Afnan Shukry. This Yemeni beauty radiates confidence, is the queen of sass (in the best way possible) and upholds her strong morals in a world that, at times, seems to have none. She attended UCLA for undergrad where she triple majored in Political Science, Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. She plans to attend law school and eventually work for an international organization toward the goal of improving the state of disabled communities around the world. Read her interview to find out what makes her a true Glisten Girl!

How do you make your health a priority?

I make sure to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise as often as I can!! I also make it a priority to be around positive people who have similar health conscious habits.

Do you have a motto?

“Move it or lose it!!” We are faced with so many opportunities in life, some come disguised as hardship. Regardless, you need to hustle and meet the challenge or risk losing a chance for growth and improvement.

Do you have a favorite power-up snack?

Strawberries and peanuts!

What’s your favorite splurge food?

Cake batter fro-yo with crushed almonds.

What is your go to song when working out?

“Loca” by Shakira & El Cata. Whenever this song comes on, it pumps me up and makes me want to dance!

Do you prefer to workout outside or indoors?

Both! I love attending indoor dance classes like Zumba and U-Jam but I also enjoy hiking!! Before I started taking Zumba and U-Jam, I did not consider myself a good dancer. Seriously, I couldn’t even hold a beat! But I threw myself into the classes and pushed past my comfort zone and now I really enjoy dancing!

Has your view on health and fitness changed over the years?

Definitely!! Health and fitness have the power to positively impact your life in so many ways!! Especially when it comes things like work, school and last but not least, mental health! I realize now how simple and easy it is to improve your eating and exercise habits. With a positive attitude and some effort, it’s totally doable and everyone should try it! At the end of the day, we have the greatest impact on our personal health.

You are naturally confident. What advice do you have for someone who lacks confidence?

Know yourself, your principles and your morals. Check your intentions regularly. Once you are sure of yourself and that you are doing things for the right reasons, the better you’ll get at doing them.


You have such a kind heart. Please share why it’s important to give back to the causes you care about.

People do not realize the effect that the honest intentions of one person can have on the future of another, especially the youth. In addition, there is so much that we are able to learn and grow from by giving back to the causes we care about.

What charities/causes are you most passionate about and how can our readers give back like you do?

While I was at UCLA I worked with and tutored socio-economically disadvantaged communities and students, some having disabilities and special needs, in South Central. I also helped mentor incarcerated youth to prepare them for college. This inspired me to start a local volunteer group here in the desert named Amana with the goal of helping serve the local homeless community at Martha’s Kitchen, both, by serving food and tutoring the homeless youth that reside there. If anyone is interested in volunteering, they can e-mail me at afnanshukry@gmail.com.

Lastly, what makes you glisten?

My family and friends obviously! They really bring out the best in me and inspire me to be the best version of myself.

Thanks for being such a wonderful role model, Afnan!

As always, we send you LOVE and PEACE,

XO, The Glisten Girls