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Pineapple Orange Julius


pineapple orange julius
We only have four days left until we complete the “30 day Refined Sugar-Free Challenge”! We can honestly not believe how quickly it’s gone. When we started out on this journey, we were hoping to become more mindful in our eating habits and to stop our strong cravings for sweets. As this challenge comes to an end, we are happy to say that we got more out of it than we ever expected.

The first two weeks were tough. Remember when we told you giving up sugar is like giving up cocaine? Well we’ve never done drugs and never will but we can believe that that statement is true. When sugar, or any food really, is in your system, you will crave it. After two weeks of not eating it, it’s like you are free from it. It’s a hard feeling to describe unless you’ve experienced it, but you literally stop wanting it.

pineapple orange julius3
Now, we’re not saying that all desserts start looking unappetizing. No, they look as visually appealing as they always have. However, if you do taste a dessert after not having sugar for two weeks or more, it will either taste disgustingly sweet or make you feel nauseous, or both. As a result, you will realize how wonderful you feel when you avoid refined sugar.

Even so, biologically speaking, humans are wired to crave carbohydrates such as sugar. So, in order to stay sane, we replaced our refined sugar sweets with healthy fruit alternatives. Some people will say, “But fruit has sugar in it. So, why didn’t you give that up too?” The reason fruit is different from refined sugar is that fruit also contains a mixture of fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. Combined, these allow the sugar from the fruit to be absorbed into the blood stream much slower than refined sweets. Additionally, the nutrients in fruit nourish your body and even allow your metabolism to function properly.

Another reason that you should include fruit in your diet, even when you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar you consume is because sweetness is one of the five tastes which include saltiness, bitterness, sourness, umami, and sweetness. Consuming a mixture of these five tastes will allow you to feel satisfied.

pineapple orange julius6

This recipe is wonderful for when you need something sweet. It’s easy to whip up and it tastes just like a traditional Orange Julius but without the refined sugar. We made this smoothie with “sumo oranges” which we recently discovered. There was a lady at the store that was raving about them so to make her happy we grabbed a couple. We thought she was just trying to sell them but oh my goodness! Once you taste one slice in your mouth, it’s like your taste buds have a revelation. We decided it’s equivalent to being blind and then being able to see. Okay, maybe we’re getting a little carried away here. Remember, we’re two people that haven’t had sugar in over three weeks. On a more serious note, if you have the chance to try sumo oranges, do! They are deliciously sweet and have a silky texture. Unfortunately, they are only in  season for a short time so get them while you can!

Pineapple Orange Julius
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Vegan
Serves: 2-4
  • ½ frozen pineapple, about 2 cups
  • 1 orange
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve in a cute glass or in an orange cup. Layer two peels together to avoid dripping.
  3. Add a festive straw, garnish with mint (optional) and enjoy!

The results of cutting out sugar for the past 3+ weeks has made a difference in our mental clarity as well as our physical fitness. If you think you need sugar to have energy, think again! We’ve discovered that cutting out sugar has given us more endurance because we don’t experience those energy highs and lows that come from consuming foods high in sugar. Additionally, people have even been noticing that we look slimmer, bright-eyed, and more energized. Talk about a confidence boost!

As always, we send you LOVE and PEACE without grease!

XO, The Glisten Girls